Suswam: Osinbajo shuns Ortom, warns him against misleading DSS


Nigerian Concord Online

It was a big show of Shame for the governor of Benue state, Mr. Samuel Ortom, as the Vice President Of the country, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, openly disgraced him at the Aso Villa over his role in the incarceration of former governor Gabriel Suswam.

A confirmed security source told Nigerian Concord that the vice president disgraced Ortom in the presence of everyone in his office, warning him to stop misleading both the Presidency and the DSS with idle talks in his quest to maliciously run down his predecessor, Dr.. Gabriel Suswam.

It would be recalled that it was this same Osinbajo who agreed with Tinubu and Senator Akume to help Ortom approve Suswam’s invitation and detention by the DSS in February.

Ortom had in January approached President Buhari before he went to London then for his medical that, he should allow the DSS to cage Suswam on an account that he possessed illegal arms so as not to disturb the president’s chances of winning the North Central Zone in 2019.

According to our confirmed presidency sources, Ortom based his briefing on the fact that Suswam is a very powerful and influential politician in the entire North Central Zone.

Our sources also added that the governor clearly told the president that Suswam had finished the popularity of the APC in Benue state and the entire North Central zone as a result of his goodwill and unending influence, stressing that there was an urgent need to clip his wings.

The president, according to eye witness account, immediately rebuked Governor Ortom, saying that never would he be part to any illegality.

Buhari was said to have advised Ortom to shun the idea of implicating his predecessor. He also agreed that Suswam should be prosecuted if the governor had a genuine reason for it.

Nigerian Concord had reported that immediately Buhari left for his previous UK trip, Ortom and his estranged god father, Senator Akume, were taken to VP Osinbajo by an APC national chieftain, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, who explained the reasons Suswam should be incarcerated at all cost.

On hearing Tinubu’s account, the vice president was said to have approved that the DSS should move on Gabriel Suswam who was later detained from February 25 till early this month that he was released unconditionally.

While Suswam was in detention, confirmed security sources within the Benue government house in Makurdi informed Nigerian Concord on how Governor Ortom purchased about fourteen cars in the names of some PDP leaders who are loyal to his predecessor.

The cars which were parked in some areas in Makurdi, Abuja and Lagos were loaded with different guns.

According to sources, Ortom immediately after parking the cars in different locations submitted a fresh petition to the DSS through his attorney general to report those PDP Chieftains as possessing cars that had illegal guns inside of them in different parts of the country.

The plan was however aborted by the governor when this newspaper made an exclusive report out of it.

It was confirmed that the cars were immediately removed from the locations and taken to unknown destinations on the order of the governor who was unable to give any explanation to the Vice president when he was briefed by the DSS about the absence of those cars at the reported locations.

Immediately that plan failed, the governor again directed his Attorney General to send a security report to the DSS to explain that the security agency should beg Justice Kolawole to deny the bail application of his predecessor on the account that Benue state would be made ungovernable if he was released.

Following up the security report, the DSS sent its agent, Mr.. Abdulahi, to tell Justice Kolawole to deny any bail move owing to the fact that there was a petition from Ortom that Suswam would make Benue ungovernable to him if he was released by the judge.

However, immediately Suswam was released, Governor Ortom ,who couldn’t confront President Buhari who just returned from London then, rushed to the vice president to explain that the DSS did a wrong for releasing their ‘enemy’

The vice president was said to have told Ortom to let him conduct an independent investigation into his fresh claim that Suswam poses threats to the government of Benue state and the APC-led Federal government as well.

After his one week investigation, Ortom was invited to Abuja by VP Osinbajo who expressed his open anger towards the frivolous complaints from the governor about Dr. Suswam.

The vice president openly disgraced his guest (Ortom) and warned him to stop misleading him, the presidency and Nigerian security agencies in his quest to fight his predecessor.

Nigerian Concord learnt that Prof. Osinbajo expressed his displeasure over how the governor has brought the presidency and the DSS to ridicule with his fake allegations which led to Suswam’s incarceration.

Osinbajo who reportedly regretted how he was deceived by Ortom to believe that Suswam was having illegal firearms was said to have also warned Ortom never to use the DSS and other security agencies for his political fight again.

All efforts made by Ortom that evening to make Osinbajo listen to his own explanation proved abortive as the vice president angrily left the meeting venue with his other guests.