Ekiti 2018: The Gladiators and their chances

By 2018, Ekiti state will be having its 5th governorship election. Here are the gladiators to look up to and their chances of becoming the next governor of the state after Governor Ayodele Fayose must have completed his tenure:

DR. KAYODE FAYEMI: a former governor of the state and current minister for Solid Minerals is believed to be staging a come back into the Ekiti state government house having served as governor for four years with nothing tangible to show for it. Fayemi was completely unknown in Ekiti until 2006 that Bola Tinubu imposed him on the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria. Although, the PDP’s candidate then, Engr. Segun Oni defeated him, he (Fayemi) still managed to reclaim his mandate in court but not without the support of people like Ayodele Fayose who had sworn to work against the PDP at all cost at that time. One wonders how Fayemi intends to convince the people of Ekiti state to vote for him in 2018 even after they all rejected him during the guber contest between him and Ayodele Fayose in 2014. Fayemi was unable to make any meaningful impact in the state during his four year reign as governor as a result of the funds he did remit to his financier, Tinubu, every month. Also, civil servants in the state may not want to see Fayemi’s posters at all as they are still unhappy with their cooperative monies which he stole and took to Ghana. Another factor that will wotk against Fayemi is his open rift with the national leader of his party (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. It is not a news that it was Tinubu that made it possible for Fayemi to be governor in 2010. But now, Fayemi seems to have forgotten all that, and has embarked on a pull down campaign against Tinubu. First, Fayemi was leading the rebels that worked against the preferred aspirant of Tinubu, Mr. Segun Abraham, in the last guber election in Ondo state. Tinubu is said to have vowed to ensure that Fayemi never become governor again. The people of Ekiti will also not like to associate with Fayemi as a result of his inability to bring investors to the state since he became Minister for Solid Minerals under Buhari two years ago. Also, under Fayemi, the state witnessed series of murder case which have not been resolved up till today.


SURVEYOR ABIODUN ALUKO: The former deputy governor of Ekiti state is widely believed to be the most qualified and experienced in term of administration having made himself someone to reckon with in the Civil Service. As deputy governor, his smooth relationship with traditional rulers across the state will work for him greatly. Apart from this, Aluko is from the Southern Senatorial Zone, a zone which is on the lips of everyone. This zone hasn’t been able to produce a governor since the creation of the state but now, almost everyone in the state is agitating for the zone to produce the next governor. Apart from this, Aluko is believed to be enjoying the full supports of leaders of the PDP both at the state and national levels. Findings show that he is being backed by people like Senator Buruji Kashamu, Alhaji Shuaibu Oyedokun, Senator Clement Awoyelu and several others. Aluko is also believed to be a gifted personality whom observers have said is tested, talented, and highly cerebral. He has also been described by many as a selfless politician with high philanthropic gestures. His major problem is that he will have to wrestle the party’s ticket with people like Dayo Adeyeye, Bisi Omoyemi, Dare Bejide and others. They are all from the same zone with him. Another fact which Aluko will benefit from is that he has never left the PDP for another party since 1998. Not even when he was facing problems as a result of his illegal impeachment which was sponsored by his estranged boss, Mr. Ayodele Fayose. Unlike some politicians, Aluko, a home-based politician has never worked against the interest of the PDP at any time even when opportunity presented itself.


AMBASSADOR DARE BEJIDE: This man had served in various capacities. The former Secretary to the Government of Ekiti State under Segun Oni had also served as a Nigerian High Commissioner to Canada. Dare Bejide will surely enjoy supports from the people of Ekiti state being a home based and grassroot politician. Apart from the time he went o serve his fatherland as High Commissioner, Bejide has never lived anywhere outside Ado Ekiti, a town he has been living since his childhood. Apart from his financial strength, he is also believed to be enjoying the backing of the state chairman of the PDP, Chief William Ajayi. Apart from that, his track records as SSG under Segun Oni are also going to get his aspiration into the minds of Ekiti people. Also, his unequaled achievements when he was High Commissioner to Canada are still on the lips of everyone. It was under him that a Nigerian president (Obasanjo) was given the opportunity to visit Canada. Apart from ensuring that Canada re-opened its High Commission in Nigeria after it was closed down during the military era, it was Ambassador Dare Bejide who made a Canadian Prime Minister to visit Nigeria for the first time in the history of our country. this brought a serious development to the economy of Nigeria as Canadian investors then saw why they had to bring down their investments to this country.



SENATOR GBENGA ALUKO: A son of a renowned economist, Late Sam Aluko, Gbenga had served as a senator of the federal republic for four years- between 1999 and 2003 under the platform of the Alliance for Democracy, though he decamped to the PDP before he ended his tenure at the Senate. Gbenga is a serious politician going by his background but he may not enjoy the supports of the people of Ekiti state who have always complained that he made no impact in the state especially the Ekiti South throughout the four years he spent as a senator. Apart from that, the record of his corrupt acts which almost soiled the corporate image of his late father, Prof. Sam Aluko, while he was a Senator still exists in the minds of the people of Ekiti state. Another problem he will face is going to come from his poor relationship with the people he wants to rule.

PRINCE DAYO ADEYEYE: He is a big time politician but he has a poor relationship with the people of Ekiti state who are always complaining that they felt no federal presence in the state when he was serving as Minister for Works (State). Apart from that, the allegation of fraud made against him while he served as the Ekiti SUBEB chairman under Segun Oni is still living. Also, the people of Ekiti South are still nursing the wounds they sustained as a result of what they call ‘sell out’ from Adeyeye to Fayose during the struggle for the PDP’s guber ticket in 2014.


HON. OPEYEMI BAMIDELE: A former member of the House of Representatives, Bamidele popularly called MOB will not have a good outing in the 2018 governorship race as he has lost relevance owing to his poor performance as a member of the Green Chambers. His poor relationship with the electorates will also work against him. People of Ekiti still complain that he is fond of giving his phones to his aides to answer when they call to speak with him. He isn’t accessible. Period.


SENATOR ABIODUN OLUJIMI: A former deputy governor and now a senator of the federal republic, Olujimi will not have a good outing during the process as the events that led to her impeachment alongside Fayose in 2006 are still fresh in the memories of the people of Ekiti state. Apart from that, no one sees a woman ruling Ekiti state at this crucial time. As a senator, everyone in the state complains of lack of federal presence in Ekiti state. They wonder how she wants to develop the whole state when it is hard for her to develop just one senatorial zone which she represents at the Red Chambers.

MR. CALEB OLUBOLADE: The people of Ekiti state may not want a leader like Olubolade. They complained and still complain how he made himself inaccessible when he served as minister for police affairs under former President Jonathan. Even when he was in Ekiti state, his security aides wouldn’t still allow his subjects to see him on his order. Findings showed that his inaccessibility has made him to lose touch with the Ekiti electorates who have vowed to frustrate him in 2018 despite his strong financial weight. Ekiti state people are also complaining that he didn’t bring any federal presence to the state while he served as a minister.

MR. BISI OMOYENI: He once served as a deputy governor under Ayo Fayose but his inability to build his political dynasty since he left as deputy governor will make it impossible for him to get his party’s ticket not to talk of winning the governorship election. Although, Omoyeni is very rich to finance his campaigns, he will not have a headway since he doesn’t enjoy the support of any of the leaders of his party, PDP.

SENATOR FEMI OJUDU: Ojudu may not get anywhere in the contest as Fayemi will be having an edge over him in the APC. People from his senatorial zone are making things worse for him. They are still saying that he cannot rule them again as a result of his inability to bring any development to the zone when he was a senator for many years. Apart from that, Ojudu is not a home-based politician. Nothing has been felt In the state since he became a principal aide to President Buhari. Also, the people of Ekiti state want to know why he has failed to address the public on the two occasions that his convoy has killed innocent people in Ekiti state. Apart from that, Ojudu is said not to be enjoying any support from leaders of the APC. His involvement in the gang up against Bola Tinubu will surely bring a serious setback to his ambition.

ENGR. SEGUN ONI: A former governor of Ekiti, Segun Oni may not get far in the contest as his inability to conclude any project while he served as governor will be used against him. His inability to help political allies while he was governor will also count against him. Oni, a fine gentleman, has been believed by the people of Ekiti state as someone who doesn’t have the what it takes to rule. He embarked on too many projects that he couldn’t complete. The universities he founded without adequate funding were canceled by Fayemi.


MUYIWA OLUMILUA: Believed to be using his father’s name to sell his ambition, Muyiwa’s political inexperience will not get him anywhere.