Members of Ondo House of Assembly are shameless, lawless and ridiculous

By Nigerian Concord Newspapers

The cyberspace wasn’t allow to rest yesterday after the news of the Pay Master of the Ondo State House of Assembly, Mr. Shina Makanjuola, who was caught with the sum of fifteen million Naira in Akure went viral.

It is important to note that Mr. Makanjuola as the Pay Master of the House has always been issued cheques by his boss, the Director of Accounts of the House, to cash and disburse.

So why was the case of yesterday made different even when it is clear that Mr. Makanjuola was acting on the instruction of his boss, the Director of Accounts.

To sensible people, what Hon. Olamide George and twelve of his colleagues did to Mr. Makanjuola yesterday was totally rude, crude, illegal and wrong.

How could they trail the Pay Master who had gone to carry out an official instructions from Stanbic Bank to the extents that they dragged him out of his car, molested him and as well portrayed him as a thief just because they wanted to prove to the world that it was the suspended Speaker of the House, Hon. Jumoke Akindele, that sent him to withdraw the cash from the bank.

Too wrong! We wonder why some stupid politicians always want to ridicule innocent people like Makanjuola in order to score a political goal.

As the Pay Master of the Ondo State House of Assembly, Mr. Makanjuola was issued a cheque of Fifteen million naira (N15,000,000.00) by his boss, the Director of Accounts, to cash at Stanbic Bank.

The Director of Accounts instructed Mr. Makanjuola to move the cash to the assembly complex as usual for further directive on how to disburse the cash through his office as slated in his (Makanjuola) official schedule of duty.

According to findings, the moment Makanjuola left the bank, he noticed a car trailing him while he made a frantic effort to get to the Assembly complex to avoid being robbed by his assailants, that he later realized were honourable members of the Ondo State House of Assembly on a mission to carry out an undisclosed assignment.

Makanjuola explained that: “Before I could move the said cash into my office, about thirteen members of the House, bombarded my car and ordered me to carry the bag containing the cash from my car booth, while they were busy taking my pictures with the cash.

“I was molested, embarrassed, humiliated and treated like a common criminal for doing my daily routine and official duty. Their action caught me unaware because there was nothing strange or extraordinary about my activities of the day since it was the normal way my Director of Accounts issues to me official duty that I carry to the letter.

“It is very painful that in the course of my duty as a law abiding senior public officer and Pay master of the House, I was manhandled, tortured, publicly ridiculed and subjected to a callous dehumanizing treatment by the honourable members of the ODHA. For this, I demand my respect and fundamental rights as human and public servant.

“It was during this uproar at the premises of the Assembly complex that I began to listen to different untrue and cooked stories about my involvement with the Speaker of the House, Rt. Hon Jumoke Akindele, and that she actually instructed me to bring the cash to her official residence.

“As a civil servant, I have never had any close relationship with the Speaker who is the political head of the House. I only take official instructions and directives from the Clerk of the House, through my Director of Accounts who is the administrative head of the House. And as I write this, the said cash is safely locked away in the volt inside my office.

“It is important to say that since the unfortunate incident happened yesterday, I have lost my dignity, privacy, public status and religion belief, while I stood rejected, lonely, dejected, ridiculed and left naked both in spiritually and physically.

“My phones have never stopped ringing with requests and inquiries from friends, family members, colleagues, neighbors and church members from far and wide, who are eager to know the true state of the matter, and worried about my safety and family values”

One question that Nigerians should ask Hon. Olamide George and his colleagues is why they decided to molest Mr. Makanjuola who was only performing his usual official duties.

As a result of this, the world wants these ‘dishonourable’ members of the House to tender a public apology to Mr. Makanjuola, and failure to do should result to a legal action against them.