Why Ekiti South Senatorial District should produce governor in 2018

Written By Oladele Samuel

It is no more news that Ekiti State was created twenty years ago, October 1996 to be precise. Among reasons for the demand for the state of our own then, included to provide the people ample opportunity for collective self expression, realization and actualization either in commerce or politics.
The demand for the creation of Ekiti by our traditional rulers and leaders of thought was also premised on the fact that doing so would enable the people to have more adequate and justifiable representation in either appointment or position of authority.
It is therefore pertinent considering the aforementioned reasons that equal opportunities should be extended to all the nooks and crannies of the state, political appointment inclusive. A cursory look at how this state has been governed since its creation will clearly justify the need for people to unanimously support the south senatorial district to produce the next governor of Ekiti State, come 2018

The above is a clear indication that Ekiti Central and North respectively have been dominating the governance of Ekiti land since its creation.
Moreover, Ekiti State today has sixteen local government areas. It is ironically to state that, while Ekiti Central and North district have five local governments each, Ekiti South senatorial district has six local government areas. I also wish to inform the public that Ekiti is one of the three states yet to produce a governor in each of its senatorial districts.
Meanwhile, elders and leaders of the two political parties that, (APC and PDP) in particular, had agreed on the need to rotate the governorship position among the three senatorial districts in Ekiti. Equally, equity, fairness and justice demand that the exalted seat should not be dominated by only two sections to the detriment of the third, ad ” what is good for the goose should equally be good for the gander.”
Furthermore, I wish to submit that , Ekiti state is a unique one in the sense that, no town or village that cannot produce a governor. In view of this, it is common knowledge to say that Ekiti South Senatorial district has enough men and other resources to produce even better hands that we have been experiencing in Ekiti. However, Ekiti people, particularly our leaders of though, should rise with one voice and tell those who, for their selfish interest, still claiming that the issue of rotation is not in the constitution of their parties. What these myopic band self centered individuals are claiming is that two sons of the three, born by a father should always be fed well, while the third one should die of hunger or remain in abject squalor.

Finally wish to urge the major contenders in the race for 2018 from the South district to eschew rancour, bitterness and division that could militate against their desire as it was in the last primary election. A word is enough for the wise

Oladele Samuel writes from Ado Ekiti, Ekiti state