In Anyiin, Suswam expresses dismay over federal absence in Tiv nation

>>>Tiv leaders shower praises on Suswam

A former governor of Benue state, Dr. Gabriel Torwua Suswam, yesterday lamented federal absence in the state especially the Tiv nation, saying that the state had two ministers, Director-General NAFDAC, Manager NEXIM Bank, EFCC Chairman, Attorney-General of the Federation and Chief Justice of Nigeria as well as Secretary of Standards Organization of Nigeria when he held sway as governor of the state.

Dr..  Suswam

Dr.. Suswam

Speaking at a thanksgiving service and reception in his honour at Chembe near Anyiin in Logo local government, Dr. Suswam noted that all this federal presence had vanished without compensation from a government that the people gave everything to support.

Dr..  SUswam,  greeting traditional rulers at the reception

Dr.. SUswam, greeting traditional rulers at the reception

Lamenting the high-handedness with which the government of the state was treating the people of Zone A, depicted through retrenchment of workers and the inability of the people of the axis to be given key appointments, the former governor urged the people to remain law-abiding and always pray to God for the gift of good leaders to pilot the affairs of the state and the nation at large.

Hon.  KYenge,  addressing the crowd

Hon. KYenge, addressing the crowd

He however expressed happiness for the uncommon honour done him by his community just as he explained that he was lately turning down such invitations because the state government under Governor Samuel Ortom accused him of anti-government activities each time he visited the state and therefore never wanted to share in someone’s blame for his feeble grip on the state.

Dr..  Tarzoor

Dr.. Tarzoor

Furthermore, Dr. Suswam lamented the poor attitude of some boys who are being paid to blackmail and insult him on the social and print media for offences he knew nothing about.

Saying that he would have taken a walk out of the country to rest, but deliberately stayed around for those who had cases against him to initiate them, Suswam maintained that the efforts he gave in towards repositioning the state would one day be known and better appreciated.

Religious leaders at the event

Religious leaders at the event

In his preaching, Reverend Pastor F.M Kuku maintained that it was pertinent to give thanks to God for the life of a worthy son (Suswam) who had served the state successfully and had completed his two terms as governor.

He noted further that the live of Dr. Suswam was an endless epitome of God’s unending favour and grace, having kept him through his two terms as a house of representative member and as governor.

He however urged Suswam to embrace fate and use this opportunity that he is not in power to get closer to God for spiritual refilling and upliftment for further endeavors.

On his part, the CPC Chairman, Chief Joseph Anawah, maintained that, hence this is the home of the successful politician and the place where his political walk began, it was only pertinent to come back to same place to appreciate God for the life of the man he had used to bless lives in Benue and beyond.

Speaking at the reception, Mrs. Rhoda Agbidye, who was chairlady of the occasion eulogized Dr. Suswam for the frantic and untiring efforts he proffered in repositioning the state for good, which was evident in the long track of infrastructural development he made.

She further rated Suswam higher for his ability to impact positively the lives of thousands he gave appointments to and others he equally recommended for good jobs within and outside the state. She prayed God to replenish the former governor, and give him the foresight to do more for the state.

Making his own speech, assembly member for Logo State Constituency, Hon. Kester Kyenge, noted that many things had gone negative in the political tempo of the state that had basically become premised on victimization, which was evidenced in his case of suspension. He pledged unalloyed loyalty to Suswam, whom he called his mentor.

Also, the PDP governorship candidate in the 2015 general elections, Dr. Terhemen Tarzoor, maintained that all Benue people should support the current ‘change’ government of the state and that after four years, the government will be due for an appraisal as to whether it gave more than what Suswam gave in his first four years as governor.

To him, Suswam was the biggest political factor of ATchange in the state and urged Sankera people not to make a mistake about this fact. He finally hinted that Suswam had gained international recognition for his contribution to the development of the lives of the people.

Also speaking, the former state chairman of the National Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE), Comrade Richard Gbande, heaped praises on the Suswam personality for been kind enough to have allowed a political ingrate like Udende get away with the nomination ticket even though he was eminently qualified and would have been a better representative.

According to Gbande, Suswam is an uncommon man with uncommon heart that was good for the political upliftment of Benue State and Nigeria at large. He urged Dr. Suswam to retain such a good heart as it is surely going to take him to unimaginable heights.

In his own speech, Benue State House of Assembly member for Ukum, Hon. Paul Biam, described Suswam as the biggest asset available politically to Benue State while equally urging all progressive citizens of the state to rally around him and give the needed support to uplift the state. He urged his colleagues at the Benue State House of Assembly to get committed as anyone known to betray the party will be ostracized.

In his speech, Chairman of PDP in Benue State, Hon. John Ngbede, re-assured PDP faithful that the party was working round the clock to be better positioned for political bargain in 2019.

He expressed optimism that with leaders like Suswam, the party could go to any level. Clearing the Web on the issue of factional PDP, he maintained that the party leadership was well known by members and urged denounce rumours peddled by people payed to cause chaos in the party. He finally urged PDP Assembly members to be united.

Also, former SUBEB Boss, Laha Dzever, at the occasion reputed Dr. Suswam as the most big-hearted politician in the state, who knew the value of forgiveness and peace, demonstrated by his ability to remain calm and quiet in the face of of abuse. He appreciated Suswam for his federal character approach and wondered why others could not take over from where Suswam stopped.

The PDP Chairman for Logo, Mr. Akaahan, said he was sure in words that having suffered political marginalization at hands of the current government of Benue State, the people are now ready to give Suswam 100% cooperation in future political endeavors. He equally lamented on behalf Sankera youths whom were disappointed by the current leadership of the state in ding value to their lives. He commended the organizers for knowing that God is the biggest factor of political success.

On his part, the vibrant Reverend Pastor Atim Daagh observed that those who used the name of God as a yardstick to political power and in turn fail to live up to expectations should be watchful of their conduct as it was sinful and punishable.

To him, there was a binding force in words that were uttered in God’s name and a deviation from which would be visited with grave consequences. He praised Dr. Suswam for being a politician with a difference in the area of retaliation and vengeance and urged him to take his time out of leadership position as a time to rest and recuperate for challenges ahead.