Agunloye: I will bring integrity to government

The governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in the November 26 gubernatorial election in Ondo state, Dr. Olu Agunloye, has said that integrity is missing in Ondo state, promising to restore it back if he becomes the state governor.



Agunloye who said this while speaking with Nigerian Concord maintained that the only thing new he would do would be bringing integrity to government, bringing trust worthiness to government.

He said: “If I am elected, I will take government from series of stealing, misappropriation and mismanagement, take government away from area that is government centered activities to people centered activities, and it is the absence of this integrity and trustworthiness that makes the government unable to do the job to which they have taken oath for”

Speaking on the plights of the civil servants who are being owed well over seven month salaries and arrears, Dr. Agunloye said: “We have to empower them. Not just to pay salaries as at when due but enabling them to have enough power to exhibit the job which they were being paid”

His words: “The civil servants know what to do. They know what is required, they also know that they are one of the best qualities of civil servants throughout Nigeria. They also know the challenges they are facing. One, they are not empowered, they are not trained, they are not allowed to take the opportunity of the training facilities which they have.

“Ondo state has the most outstanding PSTI, Public Service Training Institute. The institute is in Ifedore Local Government Area. It has not been commissioned. The United Nations came here and saw it as one of the best in West Africa. It’s possible that the last training the civil servant had was under late Olusegun Agagu. So for them to maximize the potential of high resources they have inherently in them, they need to be empowered, they need to be expose to trainings both local and outside of Nigeria.

“They need also to be allowed to do their work. I know of one time before the strike action that only levels 1 and 2 were coming to work and level 15 and Permanent Secretaries were there. I believe they will confess to you, they will tell you that in most cases, they have been completely bypassed by the style of Governor Mimiko’s to the level that some of them area completely redundant but we know that as governor we will have to change all of them, we have to empower them.

“Not just to pay salaries as at when due but enabling them to have enough power to exhibit the job which they were being paid.