Buhari wants Aketi to prosecute Mimiko, relocate medical village

Aketi,  rejected by Akokos

Aketi, rejected by Akokos

Facts have emerged on the two major tasks that President Mohammadu Buhari has given to Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu, the candidate of the APC in the forthcoming November 26 governorship poll in Ondo state.

Information at the disposal of Nigerian Concord indicated that the president had told Aketi to look for all the ways to bring Mimiko and some of the people in his government to book if fund culpable of any funds mismanagement during his eight years reign as governor of the state.

According to sources, Aketi had assure the president that his administration would not give any soft landing to the governor and his men.

It was gathered that he also planned to accept offers from Mimiko if they are available with promises to give him a soft landing but will immediately after the election turn his back at the governor.

Aketi it was gathered had assured his people in Owo who had challenged him for not doing tangible things in the ancient town as a politician, that his first plan is to relocate the Medical Village/Trauma Center in Ondo town to Owo.

These medical facilities had been the pride and source of income to Ondo town since governor Mimiko established it there.

It would be recalled that Late governor Adebayo Adefarati made Akungba, his home town, a business town immediately he moved the state university there.

Feelers said that Olusegun Abraham whom Bola Tinubu planned to impose on the party was stopped by the president’s men who ensured Aketi’s victory because it was clear that only him among all the APC aspirants would be able to prosecute Governor Mimiko if found culpable.