Bishop Sam Zuga and his quest to fight unemployment in Nigeria


Nigerian Concord Newsaper

Bishop Dr. Sam Zuga officially relocated to United Arab Emirates ( Dubai) on 17/12/2019, and within his shortime of relocation to Dubai,the Arab government attested and accepted his economic and philantrophic activities in their region.

On 16/2/2020,the Arab governments issued the Bishop a resident permit together with his personal assistance on foreign affairs, Mr. Assou Kek , a man from Togo.

The Emirates government further granted the Bishop the license to register his Visa Company, and with this license,the Bishop can give Visas to those who are willing to travel to Dubai,either for economic or political reasons and also for holidays.

The Emirates government does not have embassy in any Country across the globe, their visa is being done strictly in their Country, so for the government of Arab to grant the Bishop this opportunity has proved beyond reasonable doubt that God is using the Bishop to help Nigerians and Africa in general.

The Bishop, being a man of mission running with vision burning in passion and moving by compassion, has canceled failure and impossibility in his dictionary.

The Bishop stated that,there is an emergency that call for the urgency to create an agency to handle the emergency in the society. Bishop Dr. Sam Zuga vamoose his comfort zone, the world economic hulb ( Dubai) where he has an office inside the only 7 star hotel ,the best hotel worldwide built on top of the sea.

Today, the Bishop is here in his father land(Nigeria) with Vision 02 02 2020,and his aim is to bombard Nigeria with economic strategies that will equip Nigerian youth to become financially independent.

Through his Fashion and design, Free Solar installation scheme and Multilevel marketing company,many youth and adult are already shopping to regain their financial muscles.

Through vision 02 02 2020,the Bishop vowed to revamp our economic systems from the hands of economic saboteurs.

With this vision,scholarship is going to be given to Nigerian Students, granting of soft loan to Market women and small scale enterprises ,continuation of free medical outreach,creation of not less than 10,000 jobs to Nigerians ,giving of 1000 cars to Nigerians and digging of boreholes in ruler-uban communities is a number one priority of the vision.

The renown Benue clergy concluded that,God had given him the audacity,and he has the capacity with capability together with the authority ,he has seen that,the possibility for the actualization of vision 02 02-2020 is a matter of neccessity.