Exposed: Ortom’s govt under APC surveillance as opposition steps up blackmail game


Nigerian Concord Newspaper

Leaders of the Benue state chapter of the APC have mounted surveillance on the state government led by Governor Samuel Ortom in order to gather government documents for blackmail purpose.

Our source who is one of the top members of the opposition party that are planning to decamp to the PDP in few weeks time disclosed to Nigerian Concord that after losing at the Supreme Court, the latest plan by the APC is to blackmail Governor Samuel Ortom and some of his aides with the use of fabricated government documents.

The fabricated government documents according to our source will be used to portray the governor as a corrupt man even when he has not stolen anything.

This newspaper was reliably informed that some junior officials of the Ministry of Finance have been engaged by the leadership of the Benue APC to release and also fabricate financial documents for the purpose of misleading the public.

According to our source, the only way to confuse the governor and his administration after the Supreme Court had sealed his victory is to step up their blackmail games in order to discredit him before the Benue people.

Our source said: “When we told our people in the party (APC) to give us a credible candidate that could face Ortom at the poll, they refused and gave us someone who could not even win his Polling Unit. Now they want to use us for their blackmail games.

“After they had dumped us, they are now calling us back to help them discredit an innocent man. I can confirm that some junior officers in the State Ministry of Finance have been dragged into the game.

” They are to bring us any government document that is implicative and in a case where there is none, these officers are to fabricate government documents with signatures of the governor, permanent secretaries and commissioners in targeted ministries.

“The documents will be used to lie against the governor that he has been authorising illegal release of government funds. Some of the documents will say that the governor has also been approving government contracts to undeserving people and companies.

” You know Benue people can easily be manipulated and convinced. They will believe that the governor is truly corrupt by the time those fake documents find their ways into the public domain.

“Also, members of the Social Media team of the party have been briefed about the assignments even though they were not told that the documents are going to be forged against the governor.”