Still on Mimi Orubibi’s stealing of BIRS Hilux Jeep and some buried facts


Aare De Oracle

Three weeks ago, Nigerian Concord Newspaper broke a news on how a former chairman of the Benue State Internal Revenue Service (BIRS), Ms. Mimi Orubibi, made away with a brand new Hilux Jeep which was given to the agency as a gift by Fidelity Bank, Makurdi Branch few months before her sack.

Orubibi who is now a frequent guest to the EFCC over a fraud of N165m which took place at BIRS under her watch was sacked in 2018 by Governor Ortom as a result of his zero tolerance to theft and corruption.

Immediately the report hit the cyberspace as well as news stands, Orubibi’s media handlers came fully on the social media to change the narrative. They wrote several reports including one court case over a certain Hilux Jeep between her and the Benue State Government in order to brainwash the uninformed Benue people.

Yes, the narrative worked but just in the minds of those who aren’t informed who we shall educate right away with the followings:

1. That Mimi Orubibi purchased a Brand New Hilux Jeep as her official car when she assumed duties in 2015. Transaction documents available to us show that she bought it for N25m.

2. That after about two years (When she started receiving backlashes from Governor Ortom over reports of financial misappropriations against her by members of the public), she quickly used her position as the helmsman in the agency to have the Jeep auctioned to her for as low as N5m. All papers were perfected and the car became hers.

3. That few months before her unceremonious sack, she threatened Fidelity Bank in Makurdi that she was going to move the BIRS corporate accounts from the bank if nothing tangible was done as compensation to the agency being the biggest customer of the bank.

4. That after the bank’s management had sat, they agreed to gift a Brand New Hilux Jeep to BIRS for banking with them, and this decision was passed on to Orubibi through one Mr. Dajo (A former staff of the Makurdi branch of Fidelity Bank but has now been transfered to another branch).

5. That the bank bought the Jeep for N26m and gave it including its particulars to the same Mr. Dajo for immediate handover to the BIRS.

6. That Mimi Orubibi mandated the former Transport Officer (TO) of the BIRS, Mr. Morgan, to take delivery of the Hilux Jeep from Mr. Dajo, and drive it straight to her residence in Makurdi.

7. That after about a week when it became clear that she was going to be sacked, Orubibi asked that the Jeep be taken to her private residence in Port Harcourt, Rivers state where it was taken to an unknown destination till today.

8. That the Hilux Jeep which Orubibi’s media handlers claimed had caused a court case between her and the Benue state government where a fine was awarded in her favour was the one she forced the BIRS to auction to her. That was the Hilux Jeep she bought as her official car In 2015 and she asked BIRS to auction it to her after two years.

9. That after her sack, the Benue state government ordered that the Hilux Jeep she auctioned to herself be forcefully taken away from her, and that was how the court case began. Yes, she won the case and a N2m fine was awarded in her favour because she was able to prove that the Hilux Jeep was legally auctioned to her.

Now, what is the relationship between a Hilux Jeep she bought in 2015 as her official car (The one that brought about the court case which she won) and the Brand New Hilux Jeep which Fidelity Bank gifted BIRS in 2018?

For the sake of the uninformed Benue people, out of the two jeeps, one had been sold to Mimi Orubibi while the other one was a gift to BIRS from Fidelity Bank, and taking it away without anybody’s notice automatically makes her a car thief. Hope Benue state government will investigate and add this to its petitions against her.

Aare Abiodun Oluwarotimi (Aare De Oracle) writes for Nigerian Concord Newspaper