Akume attacked over outcry that Benue people are too demanding


Nigerian Concord Newspaper

Benue state social media activists at the weekend took a former governor of the state who is also the Minister for Special Duties, Senator George Akume, to the cleaners over a statement credited to him that indigenes of the state are demanding financial helps from him too much.

Recall that Akume’s media aide, Dr. Mkor Aondona Phd, had two days ago issued a statement on the order of the minister, warning the public against further financial requests to his principal.

But immediately Aondona released the statement on his personal Facebook Page, the Benue APC social media handlers under the party’s state publicity secretary, James Ornguga, attacked the minister over the statement, saying that he should find a way for them to earn their livings, having wasted their time to support the party since 2015.

Most of the Facebook and Twitter accounts that are being used to attack the minister, according to investigations by Nigerian Concord were pseudo accounts created by the Benue APC media handlers in the build up to the 2019 general elections to fight Governor Samuel Ortom.

Since the statement from Mkor Aondona, Benue APC media handlers and the party’s members who are the major beneficiaries of Akume’s largesse have been facelessly attacking the minister on the social media, saying that he has no rights to stop his financial supports to them.

Some of them wrote on Facebook that the statement is just a way to say that they are no longer important to the Minister whom they said had used them to achieve his political goals in Benue state.

Some of them also wrote that the statement which they said was not from Akume is just a figment of Dr. Aondona’s imagination.

They stressed that it is another plot by Mkor to further take them out of circulation since he has been blocking them from the Minister’s media affairs since his appointment.

Some of them however wondered why Akume is complaining of their financial demands since he is the leader they are working for in the Benue APC.

Below is Dr. Mkor Aondona’s statement:

#The Worrisome Nature of Rising Financial Demands From Members Of The Public On Senator(Dr) George Akume and The Need For Understanding!!

I have observed with great worry the trend of financial requests and official assistance from vast majority of members of the public,known or unknown to Senator(Dr) George Akume on daily basis and this pokes in me the conscience to comment over this trend.

It is a worldly acknowledged fact and it is undoubtedly manifest in the nature and character of Senator(Dr) George Akume that life is about giving to the needy and support to relevant social safety nets for human growth and development.

This has been the lifestyle of a man who is blessed with the Godly spirit of philanthropy,human kindness,sensitivity and compassion for humanity regardless of religion,tribe,age,class or sex.

I am however,worried and compelled by the throng or exodus of people who on daily basis ply the office and private residence of Senator( Dr) George Akume for multiple and complex requests and financial demands that call for caution and deep reflections on our consciences.

It is a known fact that Senator(Dr) George Akume has served this great nation as a Governor and Senator who does not and has never believed in the gross economic philosophy of primitive accumulation,embezzlement of public funds or personal economic/financial investments like some other corrupt politicians who after all,believe in themselves more than what the poor people pass through in our society

Senator(Dr) George Akume gives out the least of his legitimate income to the least population of the needy and the handicapped, and this has being his socio-economic and political trademark as a great Nigerian.

Be that as it may,we as members of the public should learn and have a conscience of reason so as to avoid the propensity of creating an overburdened public financial demand status on Senator(Dr)George Akume.

In all consciences,members of the public are expected to know that Senator(Dr) George Akume is today a civil servant under the supervision of President Muhammadu Buhari,GCFR. Unlike his former status as a Governor and serving Senator. To this extent,he has a limit before Mr. President in using the discretions of his office in meeting the private or even some official requests and financial demands from the millions of his beneficiaries and those intending to be so. This is to say that Senator(Dr) George Akume can always do his best possible to build on his disposition to goodwill and human emancipation from poverty but members of the public are expected to streamline their personal and official demands in cognizance of the limits and status of Senator(Dr) George Akume as a civil servant under President Muhammadu Buhari,GCFR.

Thank you all and God bless

Dr. Mkor Aondona writes as the Media and Public Affairs Consultant to the Honourable Minister of Special Duties and Inter-Governmental Affairs

6th December,2019