CCC: Plot to remove EMF Oshoffa thickens as Alonge, Ashabi, Owolabi, Awonusi lead rebels’ media team

EMF Oshoffa

EMF Oshoffa

By Olawale Joseph, Lagos (Nigerian Concord Newspaper)

Nigerian Concord can authoritatively report secret plots by the immediate past Chairman of the Imeko Cathedral (Now Basilica) Building Committee, Superior Evangelist John Rotimi Omotosho, to unseat the Pastor and Spiritual Head of the Celestial Church of Christ, Reverend EMF Oshoffa, as a result of his (Jorotom) unceremonious removal as the Cathedral Building Committee few years ago.

Investigation revealed that Omotosho in his bid to perfect the plans to remove EMF Oshoffa has recruited some people whose duties are to be blackmailing the Celestial pastor as well as the Treasurer of the BOT of the church, Superior Evangelist Pius Olarewaju.

On the media attack list are Michael Alonge, publisher of Celestial News Online, Oluwakemi Ashabi Sowemimo (Shinko Lomo), a Texas-based blogger, Isaac Owolabi, publisher of Celestial Online, Olomoplenty Obatula- Darlington who is based in Holland and one Evangelist Segun Awonusi.

Apart from those arranged to do media attacks against Mobiyina Oshoffa and Pius Olarewaju, other people who the sacked Building Committee chairman has also been working with to ensure the removal of EMF Oshoffa are Prophet Emmanuel Shoyemi, Peterson Adominiyi, Mike Nwazomoh, John Bada, Oluwole Famakinwa and Aremo Michael Ogunbiyi, former husband to Deborah Oshoffa (SBJ Oshoffa’s daughter).

Recall that the embittered Omotosho was removed from the Building Committee because he teamed up with M/C Folashade Ogundipe, Boye Olaniyan, Segun Awonusi and Folafunmi Integrated Limited to embezzle a certain N175 meant for the church’s building project.

Internal source confirmed to this newspaper that the plan is to get Pius Olarewaju out of the BOT so it can be easy for them to remove Pastor Oshoffa from his seat as the Pastor of the Celestial Church of Christ.

It was gathered that the idea to blackmail Olarewaju with allegations of stealing church funds and sending hired killers to some people was brought by Segun Awonusi who said that it would be hard to remove the pastor from his seat for as long as the BOT Treasurer is still also on his seat.

Addressing Prophet Emmanuel Shoyemi, Peterson Adominiyi, John Bada, Oluwole Famakinwa and Aremo Michael Ogunbiyi, Alonge Michael, Folashade Ogundipe, Owolabi Isaac, Segun Awonusi, Boye Olaniyan, and three other people during the first meeting which was held at the premises of LTV8 in Lagos, Superior Evangelist Omotosho pointed the need to remove EMF Oshoffa as the pastor of Celestial Church and effect the installation of someone who can quash the case of fraud against him and some former members of the Building Committee.

Omotosho stressed further at the meeting that he had sworn to get the pastor removed at all cost as a way to pay him back for listening to Pius Olarewaju’s suggestion to relieve him of his duties as the Imeko cathedral Building Committee.

He was quoted as saying that he wouldn’t mind spending or doing anything even if it is illegal or evil to remove Olarewaju as the BOT Treasurer so as to pave way for his plot to unseat EMF Oshoffa.

Also speaking at the meeting, Prophet Emmanuel Shoyemi expressed his anger over the way he was removed as the Chairman of 70th Anniversary of the Celestial Church, adding that he would support every plan no matter how devilish it is to remove EMF Oshoffa as the church’s pastor.

According to Shoyemi, the church’s BOT Treasurer, Pius Olarewaju, should not be spared in the blackmail and conspiracy. “He is very close to the pastor, and it will be very hard for anyone or group to succeed in removing EMF if Pius is not taken out of circulation first” He added.

Shoyemi was also quoted by our sources within as saying that: “I know Pius is a very powerful man as a result of his riches, and that is why it will be hard for our lies of fraud against him to sell. Nobody will believe the lie that he stole CCC funds because this is a man who had spend his several personal hundreds of millions of naira to build parishes for CCC worldwide. The allegation may not sell but we need to remove him so that we can have a smooth plan to remove the pastor”

Raising a suggestion, Aremo Michael Ogunbiyi, former husband to SBJ Oshoffa’s daughter, Deborah, said that the rebellious group could falsely accused Olarewaju of having a sexual relationship with his estranged wife, Deborah Oshoffa instead of the lies that he stole N78 million CCC funds.

Our sources within quoted Aremo as saying that: “Nobody will believe our story that Pius had stolen CCC monies because everyone knows how rich he is and how he is spending his money to support the church. What we can do is tell a terrible lie against him that he is sleeping with my former wife (Deborah Oshoffa). Pius has been generous and close to Deborah and the entire Oshoffa family as a result of his role as the BOT Treasurer, and this will make the lies that he is having an affair with Deborah sell very well. I know Pius very well, he hates blackmail especially what he has no knowledge of, and I believe that this lie if joined with the fraud allegation, will force him to resign as the BOT Treasurer”

Investigation by our reporters showed that it was at this first meeting that Segun Awonusi was mandated to take the phone numbers of everyone that is involved in their conspiracy, and create a WhatSapp group called “Celestial + Ve Forces (TC)”.

It was agreed that few people like Emmanuel Shoyemi, Segun Awonusi, Michael Famakinwa and Aremo Ogunbiyi should be made the administrators of the WhatSapp group which has eighteen participants.

The Whatsapp group which was created by Segun Awonusi on September 21, 2019 is to discuss secret issues about how to effect the removal of the duo of EMF Oshoffa and Pius Olarewaju as the CCC Pastor and BOT Treasurer respectively.

Our sources within also disclosed to this newspaper that Omotosho had called for a meeting which was held at Mega Chicken, Agidingbi Lagos state at the beginning of October, 2019 where he stressed the need to pay some hoodlums to dress is CCC clothes and stage a protest at the International Headquarters of the Church on November 17, 2019 in order to embarrass EMF Oshoffa and Olarewaju by calling for their removals.

It was gathered that the duo of Alonge Michael and Isaac Owolabi were asked to submit a proposal to MC Folashade Ogundipe to request for funds which they need to print inflammatory and damaging stories about the pastor and his Treasurer inside their Magazines with the aim of lavishly circulating copies to worshippers at the 2019 harvest of the Ketu International Headquarters coming up on November 17, 2019.

Jorotom also asked Segun Awonusi to contact Ashabi Shinko Lomo to submit a proposal to fund her weekly social media broadcast which is targeted to carry all the reports emanating from their planned protest and embarrassment on the persons of Mobiyina Oshoffa and Pius Olarewaju on November 17.

In one of their Whatsapp conversations which were reliably given to this newspaper by security experts during our investigation, Shoyemi was angry that the team of rebels were talking too much on the platform without urgent actions to execute plans to remove Mobiyina and Olarewaju.

Responding to Shoyemi’s point of view, Segun Awonusi totally agreed with the call for urgent action on the removals, saying that: “Yes Daddy, I concour…..let our actions speak louder than voice”

Also in one of the conversations on their Whatsapp Group, Awonusi revealed that Prophet Shoyemi had taken care of the policemen that will come and give supports to their protesters in case things turn out negativelt for them at the Ketu Harvest on November 17th.

Reacting to that, Aremo Ogunbiyi (Deborah Oshoffa’s estranged husband who had joined the rebels to unseat Pastor Oshoffa and Olarewaju,) said that there was a need to approach the police and get proper approval with armed men to fight the pastor’s camp during the November 17th harvest at the CCC International Headquarters, Ketu.

Recall that Nigerian Concord had few days ago reported that the embattled immediate past chairman of the Imeko Basilica Building Committee, Superior Evangelist John Rotimi Omotosho (Jorotom), had given a sum of N10 million to the Editor-in-chief of Celestial News Online (CNO), Mr. Alonge Michael, to facilitate a media blackmail against the person of Superior Evangelist Pius Olarewaju, the Treasurer of the CCC Board of Trustees.

This is the second time Jorotom is giving such huge amount to Alonge to enable him attack and blackmail Olarewaju in his online media outfit, CNO ,even after the Nigerian Police Force has dismissed a petition it had obtained against Reverend EMF OShoffa, Superior Evangelists Pius Olarewaju, Bola Akinterinwa, Segun AIna, Samson Olatunde Banjo and others.

The petition which was sent to the Police by Superior Evangelist John Rotimi Omotosho accused the leaders of the Celestial Church of Christ, CCC, of fraud, financial misappropriation of church funds, and forgery of Corporate Affairs certificate.

In the Interim Police report which was signed by Deputy Commissioner of Police Umar Mamman Sanda on behalf of the DIG of the Criminal Investigation Department, Abuja, the Nigerian Police said that it had thoroughly investigated the said petition against EMF Oshoffa and others, adding that it was a figment of the petitioner’s imagination.

According to the police in its report with Reference Number CR:3000/X/FHQ/ABJ/VOL.217/62, the petitioner had presented a Prima facie case that couldn’t be established.

The police also said that Omotosho’s claims couldn’t be established contrary to the lies and distortion of facts published in the social media for the past few weeks by paid agents and bloggers.

Recall that in July, 2017, the embattled Jorotom who is being accused of embezzling N175 million meant to build a cathedral (Now Basilica) for the Celestial Church of Christ in Imeko City, Ogun state gave a whooping N13 million to Alonge through one Evangelist Segun Awonusi who is one of his accomplices in the financial crimes to do a cover up for him and as well falsely accuse Olarewaju of financial misappropriation.

Accused with Omotosho in the N175 million fraud were M/C Folashade Ogundipe, Boye Olaniyan, Segun Awonusi and Folafunmi Integrated Limited.

Alonge who was using his Celestial News Online to publish several fake and damaging reports about Pius Olarewaju and the Pastor of the church, Reverend EMF Oshofa, later stopped the hatchet job after his trade became unpopular.

According to Alonge, he could not continue to blackmail innocent people for no reason but information available to Nigerian Concord said that Evangelist Omotosho threatened to deal with him in various ways if he didn’t go on with the media blackmail against Olarewaju.

Felt threatened, Alonge ran to people close to Olarewaju and apologized after exposing the secret deals between him and Omotosho including how he was paid to blackmail the BOT Treasurer.

Olarewaju’s offence according to Omotosho was that he exposed his autocratic style of administration and the way he was taking a number of unilateral decisions without carrying along other prominent committee members, an action which led to his removal as the chairman of the building committee after a serious financial scam was traced to him (Jorotom).

Independent investigation by Nigerian Concord showed that Alonge had recently made a financial request to M/C Ogundipe who agreed to broker peace between him and Evangelist Omotosho in order to facilitate his financial request.

This newspaper gathered that a meeting was immediately facilitated at Renaissance Hotels along the Airport Road, Ikeja Lagos State between Jorotom and Alonge by M/C Ogundipe, former Treasurer of the Building Committee who has been accused of using her personal company, Folafunmi Integrated Limited, to play a major role in the N175 million fraud.

The peace-making meeting between Jorotom and Alonge was also attended by Prince Emmanuel Soyemi as well as Evangelist Segun Awonusi who apart from being part of those that looted the N175 million Celestial funds, had also been accused of stealing telephones belonging to prominent leaders of the church on two occasions.

At the meeting, Alonge was made to swear to an oath never to betray Omotosho as he did when he went to beg Superior Olarewaju in 2017.

Our investigation also revealed that after Mr. Alonge had agreed to resume his media attacks on Pius Olarewaju and pastor EMF Oshoffa, an agreement to pay him a sum of N10 million in two installments was reached.

According to findings, Alonge was to publish a fake report on his website that, Olarewaju had contacted one Alfred Haastrup, a Celestial member in Lagos, to help him eliminate eight people namely; John Rotimi Omotosho, Michael Ogunbiyi, Emmanuel Soyemi, Segun Awonusi, Folasade Ogundipe, Peterson Adominiyi, John Bada and Oluwole Famakinwa.

Alonge was also given a task at the meeting to fabricate series of lies and fake allegations of fraud against Olarewaju with the sole aim of blackmailing him to resign his position as the Treasurer/Director of Finance of the CCC Worldwide.

Our informant hinted that the publisher of CNO was given a cash of N5 million on October 30, 2019, the day he published the fake report where he alleged that Haastrup and some other people had been given the job to kill eight people “because they are causing unrest for their bosses, the so-called Jagaban and the pastor of the church, EMF Oshoffa”

……..How Jorotom embezzled N175m CCC building funds

Fresh facts have emerged on how the dismissed former chairman of the Imeko cathedral Building Committee , Superior Evangelist John Rotimi Omotosho aka Jorotom, MIC Ogundipe, Evangelist Segun Awonusi and other accomplices of his embezzled over N175 million Celestial funds within the thirteen years he spent in the position.

The said N175,761,207.90 million was meant for the building of the Celestial Church of Christ cathedral in Imeko City.

It would be recalled that a former Pastor of the church, the late Reverend P.H. Ajose, had in 2001 invited Superior Evangelist John Rotimi Omotosho to a meeting at the parsonage at Imeko so he could preside over the committee that would oversee the building of the Imeko Cathedral.

It would also be recalled that the current Pastor and Supreme Head of the church, Reverend EMF Oshoffa, re-appointed Jorotom to continue to head the Imeko cathedral building committee on the 27th February, 2007. That was after the demise of Late Reverend Pastor P.H. Ajose.

A detailed report which was presented by a top member of the church, Mr. Kayode Ajala, a copy which was made available to Nigerian Concord Newspaper stated that Jorotom throughout his 13 years tenure as chairman of the Imeko Cathedral building committee never followed due process while awarding contracts.

The report revealed that Jorotom was awarding the contract for the Cathedral Building to a local contractor from his Ijesha town in Osun state.

This claim was confirmed in a video tape where Jorotom was seen presiding over a meeting of the building committee and addressing the local building contractor from Ijesha saying, “You know we are from the same town”.

Despite that a whooping N175 Million was stolen by Jorotom, Ogundipe, Awonusi and his other cronies, the local contractor whom he fraudulently imposed on the building committee ended up not executing the contract that he was mobilised to carry out for twelve years.
In the report, Omotosho Jorotom was accused of conniving with Mother Celestial Folashade Ogundipe, Treasurer of the disbanded Building Committee, to fraudulently approve about 356 cheques totalling N175,761,207.90(One hundred and seventy five million, seven hundred and sixty one thousand two hundred and seven naira ninety kobo).

A forensic audit of the period of Omotosho’s chairmanship of the Imeko Cathedral Building Committee disclosed that those 356 cheques with a total value of N175,761,207.90(One hundred and seventy five million, seven hundred and sixty one thousand, two hundred and seven naira ninety kobo) were signed by Jorotom and Mother Celestial Folashade Ogundipe(Treasurer of the Building Committee) as co-signatories over a period of twelve years(2004-2016).

The report reads in parts: “Inspite of the disbursement of this huge amount of money, little or no progress was noticed at the site of the Cathedral Building project at Imeko. Please note that an original Zenith Bank statement of account with the details of these withdrawals and their beneficiaries was also made available during this fact-finding exercise.

“Mother Celestial Folashade Ogundipe and Boye Olaniyan are two names that feature prominently in the unfolding scenario. The former (MC Folasade Ogundipe) was the Treasurer of the Imeko Cathedral Building committee, while the latter (Boye Olaniyan) was a member of the committee.

“It is however curious to note, as confirmed by a Zenith Bank statement of account, that over a period of ten years (2006-2016),176 cheques with a total value of N79,154,500.00 (Seventy Nine Million one hundred and fifty four thousand and five hundred naira) with Jorotom and M C Folasade Ogundipe as co-signatories, were, at different times, issued to Mother Celestial Folasade Ogundipe, the Treasurer of the building committee.

“Even more curious is the fact that a company known as Folafunmi Integrated Limited also received different cheque payments to the tune of N4,500,000(Four million and five hundred thousand) over a period of three years(2014-2016).
Surprisingly, it was discovered that Folafunmi Integrated Limited, is owned by Mother Celestial Folasade Ogundipe, the Treasurer of the Imeko Cathedral Building Committee.

It was also revealed in the Zenith Bank statement of account of the church that Boye Olaniyan, a member of the building committee, who also doubles as a staff in Jorotom’s company was paid the sum of N2,260,000.00(Two million Two hundred and sixty thousand Naira),with 28 cheques over a period of three years(2014-2016).

Apart from Ogundipe and Olaniyan who benefitted from the loots, Evangelist Segun Awonusi, a man who was recruited by Jorotom to post defamatory videos about CCC leaders on YouTube, also got several millions of naira from the dismissed building committee chairman to sponsor media attacks on the CCC BOT Treasurer, Superior Evangelist Pius Olarewaju, and his colleagues on the BOT on pages and blogs of Alonge Michael, the editor-in-chief of Celestial News Online.

……..Jorotom collapses at CCC Headquarters Ketu (September 2017)

It was a show of shame for a former chairman of the Imeko Cathedral Building Committee, Superior Evangelist John Rotimi Omotosho Jorotom, as he openly collapsed at the CCC international headquarters in Ketu, Lagos State today.

Jotorom had come to the Ketu international headquarters of the CCC to attend the 32rd Remembrance of the Founder of the Church, Saint SBJ Oshoffa.

Eye witness account stated that on getting to the Ketu headquarters, Jorotom who is presently facing issues on how about N175m meant for the building of the Imeko Cathedral was mismanaged under his 13 years leadership as the Building committee chairman proceeded to greet the present Pastor and Supreme Head of the church worldwide, Reverend EMF Oshoffa, but was prevented by the pastor’s security team.
Realizing that he wouldn’t be allowed to get anywhere close to the pastor, Jorotom, a man who had sponsored several negative media attacks on both Papa and others members of the CCC BOT, walked straight to greet Reverend Oshin who turned down his greeting.

Oshin, it was reported asked Omotosho to find a way of greeting the pastor first before coming to greet him.
The request from Oshin however forced Jorotom to listen to Papa’s preaching as he had then proceeded to the Pulpit to preach.

During Papa’s preaching, Jorotom who became very uncomfortable fainted three times, and it took several intervention from other elders of the church to revive him.

Speaking with Nigerian Concord about the development, a top member of the church in Ketu said it was God’s hand that arrested Jorotom whom he said had been a thorn in the flesh of the CCC worldwide since he was relieved of his position as the Building committee chairman.


EMF Oshoffa