Jime Vs Ortom: Buhari blasts Jime, rejects pleas to help APC manipulate Benue Tribunal

Aare De Oracle,

The defeated governorship candidate of the APC in Benue, Mr. Emmanuel Jime, has been pushing the cabals within the Presidency to help him speak with President Buhari on how the Tribunal Judges in Benue can be prevailed over to manipulate their judgement in his election case against Governor Samuel Ortom.

According to sources, Jime met with President Buhari’s chief of staff, Senator Abba Kyari, two weeks ago to help him speak with the president so the Tribunal can be manipulated in his favour.

Abba Kyari however couldn’t discuss with the president until yesterday evening as a result of the Japan trip which took him (Buhari) away for some days.

Just last night as they were celebrating with the president over the Tribunal victory, Jime was said to have called Abba Kyari with his MTN line 080378815–, and asked if he had discussed his issue with Buhari.

Abba Kyari said he discussed with the President few hours earlier but the response was negative.

Hearing this, Jime begged if Kyari could allow him congratulate Buhari during the telephone call so he could use the opportunity to hear what he, Buhari, had in mind about his plan to have the The Tribunal Judgement manipulated.

Yes, we gathered that Kyari whispered to Buhari’s ears that Jime wanted to congratulate him, and he agreed.

Having congratulated Buhari, the APC governorship candidate raised the tribunal issues with the president. He told the president that it would be hard for him to carry the day at the Tribunal as a result of the unfavourable pre hearings and several flaws in all his applications before the Tribunal. He begged the president to help him talk to the Tribunal judges so they can help him but, Buhari declined.

The president, according to our informant at the Presidency warned Jime against talking to the Tribunal judges for an underserved favour. The president was quoted as saying that he will never help anyone to prevail over the Judiciary especially in Benue where everyone is against him because of the Fulani issues.

According to the president, manipulating the Benue Election Petition Tribunal is like sitting on a keg of gun powder which can kill an entire nation if it explodes.

After the call, the president was said to have told Kyari never to bring an issue like that to him again. He (Buhari) left the gathering angrily and went upstairs.

Aare De Oracle writes.