First Fertility hospital, an offer to the society


Nigerian Concord

Yes it was conceivable in the minds of many people in the state, , but the imaginable intricacies deprived many from considering it a niche. as it was to be introduce to the people who may turn out to scornfully slight it with mortal disdain rather than accept it.
A young man who had a supervened values for his society, rather than self-gains took it a discipline and after much financial involment, decided to situate it in a place where the demand for it can only be encouraged.

Dr. Stephen Terungwa Hwande, a Benue indigene who hails from Nongov, Guma LG gave birth to this idea in 2015 and situates this big hospital that is not common within north central, in Benue state. This was against pressures from other places that desperately wanted it in there places.

First fertility hospital came with advent services to the people of Benue, North central and Nigeria as a whole, smiled for. Dr Hwande introduced the famous IVF to people that lost hope of hopping a child of theirs in there bosom. Which have restored joy.

Interestingly, a woman at 63 gave birth to a child, living the family in an uncontrollabe celebration. Women under the age mentioned can’t imagine childbearing as it is stress free with IVF. this humane Personality have reunite many families who we’re at the verge of divorce on the reason of barrenness.

The most endearing aspect is, the affordability of both the IVF and other health challenges, especially those affecting women. I am not imagining it should, I am stepping on the heels of testimonies from beneficiaries that, the fees for treatment of all ailments at first fertility are less distance from what is obtainable in othe hospitals of likes standard.

First fertility hospital is considered an offer to the society generally, and to those that thronged to take part, sees it as a divine indemnity. this is one a hospital that periodically run free treatment to the less privileged.

Another good quality you can only see at first fertility is the aspect of manpower. man power is an alluring factor that represents quality and efficient services to any good hospital. When a scheme neglects the importance, a lot goes amiss. First fertility took it a priority to employing as many quality staff towards ensuring the needed attention.

Dr. Hwande is still in the thought to do more as the impact gets settled on the needy and not according to the custom of our present society .

Below is the pictures of babies gotten through IVF at first fertility hosp