Sponsored Benue Pensioners Protest confirms Concord’s report of APC secret plans to discredit Ortom-led government in 100 Days


Aare De Oracle

If there was anything that had disappointed the entire Benue people since their existence, that thing was the protest which some old men and women who claimed to be Benue pensioners embarked on few days ago.

The protest was not the issue but the wicked political the “Operation Pull Ortom Down” motives behind it. The people of Benue are very sad that those old men and women could allow themselves to be used by politicians for such embarrassing protest.

Fine, pensioners are being owed by the Benue state government but this is not new as virtually all the states in the federation including the APC-led federal government are owing pensioners. So why should Benue politicians sponsor that protest with an aim to embarrass the governor, Mr. Samuel Ortom?

Last week, Nigerian Concord broke an exclusive report where it was reported that the defeated governorship candidate of the Benue APC, Mr. Emmanuel Jime, gave money to two different social media groups so they could hype some steps that he wants to take to embarrass the Benue state government.

The newspaper also reported that the meeting of both social media groups would be held last Saturday at an undisclosed venue in Makurdi but, nobody took the report serious until a secret meeting was held with a factional pensioners group for them to embark on a “Sleep Out” Protest against Mr. Governor. Why should it be the Benue APC media boys that broke the news that there was going to be a Pensioners protest even when the Chairman of the Pensioners Union in the state was not aware of such protest? Politics I guess.

Why should pensioners embark on that very protest even when there were records that their leaders had met with the state government, a meeting where both the Ortom-led government and Pensioners Union agreed on the harmonization of payment of pensions to all categories of retirees in the state?

The horse itself has spoken. We have heard from the Benue state chairman of the Union of Pensioners, Comrade Joseph Kyume, who disowned the protest, saying that as far as he was concerned, no Benue pensioners was involved in the protest. Should we now urge the state government to arrest those protesters since they had been said not to be authentic members of the Benue Pensioners Union? Were they planning a government shut down?

A major proof that the protest was sponsored by politicians who arranged busses for some old men and women from some villages across the state to come to Makurdi and embarrass Mr. Governor that comment from Comrade Joseph Kyume that the protesters weren’t his Union members, and also that the protest had a political undertone.

The only person that could call for such protest is Comrade Kyume who had yesterday said that his Union had held talks with the State Government, requested Governor Ortom to domesticate the Federal Government’s Contributory Pensions Scheme, PENCOM, in the state which he said the governor had done.

Why should there be such protest after the governor had gone a step further before his last official trip to Japan to inaugurate the commission to address the problem of pensioners in the state?

Behold, more embarrassing steps have been arranged by the politicians behind the last fake protest just for them to discredit the numerous achievements of Governor Samuel Ortom in his first one hundred days in office.

Aare De Oracle writes from Gboko