Why is Ortom no longer the Messiah & Achiever which Mkor Aondona had always described him as?


Aare De Oracle

Ordinarily, I would have ignored all the social media outbursts by Senator Akume’s media aide, Dr. Mkor Aondona, against the person and government of Governor Samuel Ortom but, the journalist in me wouldn’t let me rest.

Mkor, a former senior lecturer of the Benue State University, BSU, had used three and half years to praise Governor Ortom whom he had always described as the “Messiah” that Benue state needed.

In many of his articles between June 2015 and September 2018, Mkor who was reportedly sacked for rape and admission racketeering by the BSU authority had lavishly bombarded the cyberspace about all the credible achievements of Governor Ortom. He went on to make those who were ignorant of the governor’s good deeds at that time to know the good things which he (Ortom) silently did for the state without saying them in the media. I mean those achievements which the governor innocently decided not to publicise.

That shouldn’t be a news because Mkor did same praise-singing for Senator Gabriel Suswam when he was governor but later attacked him in the media after he left power.

According to Mkor in his three and half years media praises of Ortom, the governor was the best in economic growth, security, agriculture, education, health, public infrastructure, investment, youth and women empowerment among others between June 2015 and September 2018.

I remember several times he had begged me to allow him use Nigerian Concord to publicise all the good things which the governor did in his first term. (Engineer Nat Apir can bear me witness )

What has now changed if I may ask Dr. Mkor?

Mkor decided to quit praising the governor or even seeing anything good about him, and pitched his tent with the “Leader” as soon as the governor refused to break the law as he, Mkor, had wanted.

At that time, Mkor was facing a disciplinary Panel at the BSU over two cases of Rape and Admission Racketeering, and he begged Governor Ortom to intervene. Of course, being the governor, Ortom had the power to manipulate the probe of Mkor’s evil activities at the BSU but, he refused to be a “Law breaker” that the sacked lecturer wanted to turn him to.

Because Ortom refused to stop the probe which eventually led to Mkor’s sack, the former BSU lecturer joined the governor’s political enemies, and began a campaign of calumny against him and his administration.

One wonders why Mkor who had always enumerated Governor Ortom’s achievements in all areas of life is no longer seeing anything good about him.

It surprises one that Mkor who had always described Ortom as a “Messiah” is now calling him a devil. Can we ask Mkor, where he has kept his manner and integrity if at all he has any?

Mkor who is very good at this “Messiah today, nail him to the cross tomorrow” thing is now calling the defeated APC candidate, Barrister Emmanuel Jime, the Messiah that Benue needs but, then he has failed to tell the public what achievements Jime had recorded to make people believe he is now that “Messiah” that he called Ortom for more than three years.

If we have to believe that Jime is now the “Messiah” as Mkor does say now, he must remember to tell us how he was able to impact positively on Benue and its people with his positions, as a NASS member and NEPZA MD.

I hope Mkor will not come out tomorrow to describe Jime as the devil he is calling Governor Ortom today?

I still dey come…….Aare De Oracle writes.