Crisis hits Benue APC as Jime’s publicists descend on Akume, others over diverted campaign funds


Nigerian Concord Newspaper

Fresh crisis has hit the Benue state chapter of the APC as members of the Emmanuel Jime Media Organization through a prominent member of the group, Mr. Terhemba Jacob Jande, have accused top leaders of the party of Mismanaging the billions of Naira which the federal government gave them as election funds in the last governorship poll in the state.

Writing on behalf of the Emmanuel Jime Media Organization two days ago, Terhemba Jande who wrote this on the Social Media added that failure by the Benue APC leaders to make good use of the election funds had made President Muhammed Buhari to continue to ignore leaders of the party in Benue.

Speaking on the Social Media post titled: “HOW BENUE APC MISMANAGED THEIR CHANCES AND WHY THE PRESIDENT WON’T TAKE THEM SERIOUS” Jande said: “Even before the general election the president had the ear of other Tiv people particularly those that served with him in the military more than the APC leadership in the state.

“In fact, he ignored them and never took them serious, and their handling of election funds and abysmal result despite receiving billions of Naira and security was the final stroke. Only God will save them though their chances are indeed very slim if you want to use the appointment of Apam as a case study”

Reacting to comments which suggested that his social media post was anti party, he said: “It is not anti party activities but if anyone deem (sic) it so, so be it. Are we supposed to be where we are? Is the party supposed to be moving forward or backward? Must everyone be quiet?

Also, another member of the Jime Media Organization, Mr. Oliver Ter Agundu, said that the APC will become a ghost party in 2023 as predicted yesterday by a Senator George Akume’s associate, Mr. Mike Utsaha, if the leaders fail to allow room for amendments.

Ter Agundu pressed further that his position on the matter is to corroborate the fact that the prognosis appears blink for APC in the near future if something drastic is not done.

He wrote that the party will crumble if some form of internal reforms are not carried out immediately.

He said: “So far, they (party leaders) have wasted a great deal of good will and exhibited among other shortcomings unprecedented insensitive to the pluralistic nature of the Nigerian state and have shown lack of capacity to handle internal disagreements”

He however commended the efforts of Mike Utsaha for constituting himself like few others as the conscience of the party at the high risk of being termed an antagonist where populism and conformism has become the operational principle.

In his own media attacks, one of Emmanuel Jime’s media aides, Mr.Elijah Tule said that most of the leaders and members of the party turned themselves to wolves in sheep clothing during the last governorship poll which his principal lost woefully to Governor Samuel Ortom in Benue state.

His words: “I saw wolves in sheep clothing in the APC during the elections too. The APC failed to reach out to even her members and most of this members may leave to seek for fortunes under the PDP as early as December this year.

“I think the only hope is the Jime’s influence/case. Once Jime can take over, he may decide to chat a new direction for the people of Benue and the APC.

“For now, George (Akume) looks like a lone ranger and only he cannot defeat the evils that have risen against him with one intent to destroy him politically”

Another member of the Jime’s media team, Elijah Terdoo, said that APC leaders in Benue didn’t want to see the fact that they are killing the party but they will rather blame the PDP, leaving their own failures

Also reacting, former chief media coordinator to the defunct Honourable Utaan campaign organization, Terngu Obed, said: “We will sanitize Benue APC our way. We don’t need useless people,be you the almighty (Referring to Akume). If we can’t chase them away, we will draw line”

Meanwhile, a former head of the local government and chieftaincy Bureau, Chief Zam Titus, who also commented on the social media posts said: “Jande and Obed, all political parties rejig after a not too good outcomes of elections but in line with constitutional provisions. You sounded too revolutionary, I’m afraid it should not be a rapturous process. We are in delicate times dealing with a very experienced and smart opponent (referring to Ortom), we may be Russianised as in Goberchev”