Inconclusive Poll: Secrets Benue people must know now about APC/FG

ortom in ohimini

Aare De Oracle

Now that the Benue governorship poll has been declared inconclusive by the INEC against the wish of the people, it is also important to let the public know some certain secrets behind thus action. These are facts that were made available by insiders within the Benue APC and the Presidency.

1. Atiku defeated Buhari with about 10,000 votes in February so the Benue APC thought that Governor Samuel Ortom was going to win with a margin of 10,000 votes or maximum 15,000 so the APC people under a direct directive from Senator Akume sponsored thugs to hijack ballot boxes, beat people and caused commotions in areas where they consider as PDP strongholds in Zones A and B. The plan was that they would force INEC to cancel votes from the areas where they deliberately stopped voting from taking place and then call for a rerun.

Had Ortom won with just 10,000 or 15,000 votes, their hope would be that they would militarize the entire place where there will be rerun and ensure that Jime, the APC candidate, overtakes the margin (10,000 or 15,000 votes) and also gather enough votes from the canceled votes to make him eligible to be declared winner after the rerun.

According to inside sources, it was Akume who mandated that APC thugs should go and snatch ballot boxes in the affected areas so as to have enough reason to force INEC to declare the election inconclusive.

Now that Ortom has won with enough votes (Over 81,000) which is different from what they thought he would win with (Between 10,000 and 12,000 votes) to make it hard for Emmanuel Jime to overtake him during the rerun, the APC leaders have met with Akume and two representatives of the Presidency this evening. Below is what they arrived at:

1. They have agreed to force the Police , EFCC and DSS to declare a total clampdown on PDP chieftains in Zones A and B by arresting them for offenses they didn’t commit. Guns and various deadly weapons will be planted inside the cars of the Benue PDP chieftains so as to have them locked up before and during the rerun in order for Soldiers and the Police to help the APC thugs snatch ballot boxes without any PDP chieftain to prevent them. Guns will also be planted inside some cars which the APC people will buy in the names of some PDP leaders like Iyorchia Ayu, Gabriel Suswam, Oker Jev, Dave Iorhemba, Bemgba Iortyom, Shawon, Abba Moro, Abraham Kwaghngu, Commissioners Dennis and Manger and several others who they know will make it hard for them to achieve their aims of snatching ballot boxes during the rerun.

2. Akume has also secured an arrangement to ensure that all the active PDP social media handlers are arrested and pit behind bars for hate speech before and during the rerun. They want to do this so that there will be no social media personnel that will be speaking for the PDP or the governor while they (APC people) perpetrate their evil against Benue people.

Insiders said that the Benue APC leaders have this evening sent signals to the Presidency that it will be difficult for Fulani herders to operate freely in Benue state if President Buhari fails to back Jime up during the rerun.

I am Aare De Oracle