In Benue, federal might, godfathersim fail as Ortom humiliates APC,dedicates victory to God, Benue people


Nigerian Concord Newspaper

The people of Benue state will be feeling some forms of relief as what tended to be a major setback and problem for the state, godfatherism, has been defeated by Governor Samuel Ortom.

This is not unconnected to the landslide victory which the state governor and candidate of the PDP, Dr. Samuel Ortom JP, recorded in Saturday’s governorship election against his major opponent, Barrister Emmanuel of the APC.

The governor won the required numbers of votes as stipulated by the INEC.

With this victory, Samuel Ortom will be sworn-in for his second term as governor on May 29, 2019.

Before the elections, there had been insinuation that the governor may be defeated by Emmanuel Jime as a result of his open quarrel with his erstwhile godfather, Senator George Akume, who was apparently backing his party’s candidate, Jime.

Recall that Akume who had always boasted about federal might as a tool he intended to use to win the state fraudulently had last week used his power as the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Army to prevail on President Muhammadu Buhari to deploy thousands of soldiers, nine police commissioners, some police AIGs as well as operatives from other various Nigerian security agencies to the state.

The deployment sent series of danger signals to the ruling PDP as the APC media handlers who were celebrating the move were also revealing the plans of the federal government to use the security operatives to disrupt peace and as well hijack ballot boxes in the strongholds of the PDP.

Few days to the March 9 poll, some of the military officers which were brought to Benue state disguised like Fulani herders, went to some villages in Guma local government and other strongholds of the PDP, and killed hundreds of people. This was done to scare away voters who may be wanting to vote for the PDP.

The heavy presence of the military men who were armed to teeth sent palpable fears to the Benue electorates who were scared that they would be attacked in their quests to vote for the PDP or any other party of their choices .

But being the Defender of the Benue Valley and Chief Security Officer of Benue state, Governor Samuel Ortom calmed his subjects down. He assured them that no one would intimidate or harass them as long as he remained the state governor and their defender.

Ortom pressed further that the Benue electorates must prove through their votes that voters might is mightier than the federal might.

He also said on many instances that he himself was the federal might which the APC was boasting about, adding that there was no federal security operative that would be deployed to Benue state who would not first report to him being the chief security officer in the state.

Despite militarization, harassment, ballot boxes hijacking and other open and secret manipulations which the federal government used security agents to do for the APC, Benue voters across the state still used their massive votes to cripple the federal might.

As it now stands, Dr. Samuel Ortom JP has been returned as the winner of March 9, 2019 governorship election to serve his second term between May 2019 and May 2023.

Meanwhile, Governor Ortom has said that his victory would be dedicated to God and the entire people of Benue state.

In a telephone chat with Nigerian Concord, the governor said that his second tenure is not to harass anybody or opposition, adding that he will continue to develop the state, protect the people and defend their lands from the Fulani killers.