Benue is in trouble: Akume has made demands that will hinder development in Benue under Jime: Behold the exact amount which Benue will lose monthly under Jime


Aare De Oracle

Benue state will never witness any development if the information available is anything to go by.

With Jime as governor, the Benue state government will be releasing a whooping N400 million to APC godfathers every month.

Information has had it that Senator Akume, having lost his reelection bid to Oker Jev whom he refers to as ‘That Boy’ has met with Emmanuel Jime and three Benue APC leaders(Tilley Gyado, Akange Audu and Steven Lawani), and at the meeting, the outgoing Zone B senator made certain demands as a gratification for ensuring that President Buhari deployed several policemen and Soldiers to Benue state prior to Saturday’s governorship poll.

Akume told Jime that since he had fulfilled his own side of their bargain which was ‘ensuring that Mr. President deployed outrageous numbers of security operatives to Benue’, he (Jime) too should sign a written agreement as his own part.

Akume’s demands according to an inside source are: 1. The release of N400million from federal allocations to him and some APC chieftains every month.

2. The award of 40% of government contracts to his private companies and those of some top APC leaders in the state.

3. He, Akume, will bring 5 people for commissioners to fill the ministries of finance, justice, works, health and education, 6 special advisers, 6 board chairmen, his person as Minister from Benue, 15 special assistants and will as well install the speaker and deputy speaker.

4. The immediate appointments of Titus Zam (Bureau for local government), Mimi Orubibi (BIRS), Richard Agwa(Urban Development)

5. That his private company will handle the collection of taxes in the state.

6. That he will bring 10 people to be engaged as consultants at the BIRS.

It was gathered that Jime signed this agreement in the presence of the people present at the meeting, and this means that Benue state will suffer a serious setback if they vote for Jime and his APC.

I am ready to be taken to court to prove this if the need arises.

I am still Aare De Oracle