Police deployment to Benue ahead March 9 means Buhari needs the state for his Fulani kinsmen


Aare De Oracle

The deployment of nine police commissioners to Benue state ahead of the the March 9 poll is a sign of the dangers and dooms which await the state if the candidate of the Miyetti Allah, Mr. Emmanuel Jime, wins.

See Buhari who couldn’t deploy a single police commissioner to Benue state to stop Fulani killings in the last 3 and half years but has now deployed nine police commissioners to the state just to ensure that the March 9 poll is rigged for Jime at all cost.

This means Buhari isn’t concerned about the lives of Benue people which are being cut short by his Fulani kinsmen every day. He is only concerned about making Jime governor so he can help him cede all Benue lands to the Fulani herders. This explains the secret meeting which Jime had with the Miyetti Allah members yesterday.

Aare De Oracle writes.