Hwande: Why i want to be Benue governor


Nigerian Concord Newspaper

Gubernatorial candidate of the Benue SDP, Dr. Stephen Hwande, has explained why he wants to be governor of the state in 2019.

Hwande spoke to journalists during his official declaration at the weekend.

Below are his words:

I return all the glory to the Almighty God, our Creator, facilitator of all our destinies and finisher of our fate. We submit totally to his prevailing will and Devine authority.

I welcome my party leaders, teeming Supporters comprising of great youth and women, I extend warm greetings to the good people of Benue State.

Gentlemen of the press, my address today marks a defining moment in our political struggles for emancipation and redemption. We are all living witness to the progressive decline that is rapidly sliding into automate structural collapse. I refer to the prevailing calamities of economic under-development, over warming insecurities and gross abuse of institutional governance that has given rise to massive hopeless in our land.

In the last two years, we had embarked on pains taking consultations with groups and individuals across the political, religious, academic, and ethnic groups in the BENUE STATE.

These consultations provided an aggregated interest to Rescue Benue from the hands of traditional political warlords who held the state hostage in their exclusive patrimony. This innocuous political structure dominates the political arena using the slogan of change to renew their mandate across party platforms. The result has always remained deepening Rivalries among themselves at the expenses of development for the people.

I hereby salute the vision of our party leaders and the teeming member for finding me worthy to fly the Party’s flag to the victory . Am Humble by the reconciliation of interest to collectively pursue a genuine cause for t benefit of all. I hereby extend my hand of fellowship to everyone that was involved in the process, I promise to uphold the honour and respect for this covenant by granting genuine partnership towards attending our collective aspiration.

Our party’s manifestos articulate the philosophy unity, peace and progress as values for reconciliation. In this mission, we remain united in our diversities with a common mission to connect the historical legacies of our founding fathers for a modern Benue. This is certainly not an assignment for one, but a collective of likeminds with shared vision and aspiration.

Today marks the beginning of another critical phase in our evolution, in the last few weeks, anxieties, concerns, distractions, and reservations have been expressed about my AMBITION. All these developments have helped to shape my decision. I thank you all for the massive goodwill and invaluable support shown to me in the decision making process.

It is I reaction of the encouraging response and my genuine motives for service and passion for excellence that I, CHIEF DR. STEPHEN TERUNGWA HWANDE offer myself to be ENTRUSTED with the responsibility to govern the State in 2019. I am provoked by the stocking experience of a failed system and its calamities and equal prompted to provide a workable and dynamic alternative that will deepen DEMOCRATIC governance.

Benue State has been relegated among the comity of states and is fast assuming a pariah status, with a severed neighborhood, Enstranged federal relations, yet a devastated home front that is worsening her domestic challenges. These calamities represent a clear evidence of leadership failure. Perhaps, modern techniques of administration are not driven by confrontational attitudes but rather diplomatic gestures.

There is a widening gap in accountability due to lack of planning and clear direction toward development. This failure is a manifestation of failed policies, poor planning and management, irrational decisions, over politicization, lack of vision and a looming culture of mediocrity.

There is also an enlarging deficit in enabling infrastructure that is critical to development, while excessive borrowings and over bloated expenditure on re-current and capital projects have remained high without evidence of purposeful utilization.
These offensive profligate is a deliberate trap to Incapacitate successive governance.

The time to arrest this deplorable situation is now or never, I offer to provide as alternative template of a four year recovery intervention plan which shall be premised on service and accountability. My reforms we focused on corporate knowledge techniques to drive the revolution for a modern Benue. This will require reaffirming the viability of the State in Agricultural diversification beyond federal allocations and interventions. We will create a stable and diversified economy in Agriculture and natural resources through research and development. This can be achieved by instituting an integrated frame work to synergize Benue planning commission(BPC), Benue investment and property company (BIPC), to consummate an webcomic agenda for the State.

The four year recovery plan will be anchored on knowledge Economy to pursue a FIVE POINT AGENDA IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS

I have understudied the prevailing defficulties , weighed the available options, considered the involved risks and uncertainties that are associated with political struggles, but I have considered more, the grave implications of allowing these to elude as ,” for no sacrifice is too much for our redemption.

Therefore, I humbly presentyself to be used by God as an instrument to change the destiny of our state and prosperity. Am proud to Identify with the prospect for a new Benue, whose prosperity is vested in abandoned human and natural resources that are yet to be taped sufficiently.

I am a bonafide indigene of Benue State, from Nongov Clan, Guma Local Government area, same as the incumbent Governor. I am therefore, the most appropriate replacement that will correct his mistakes and guarantee a single Term to complete the MINDA circle in 2023.

But beyond these sentiments, I Have demonstrated sufficient commitment to Service, having earned the highest standards of training an expertise in the medical profession.

I am armed with sophistication and exposition in innovative learning which has given me a reputation, character and discipline which are most critical requirements for leadership in modern society. Above all, am a patriotic philanthropist, employer of labour in the private sector, and a God fearing youth.

Interestingly, the 2019 electoral contest has opened another chapter in our souls’ searching competent leadership, we have tried various professionals such as Teacher, in 1979, Priest in 1991, Civil servant in 1999, Lawyer in 2007 and a politician and business man currently, yet the symptoms for under-development and systemic failure are persistent. In this order, we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly but we are not prefer to see the worst.

It is now instructive call a medical Doctor to diagnose the ailment and apply appropriate cure To our multiple ailments of systemic deficiencies. It is evident that Benue is suffering from clinic. Ailment of sustained mal-administration which has manifested gross under-development, poverty and insecurity. I will soon release my BLUE PRINT with an articulated alternative frame work to address these challenges.

Meanwhile, a new direction, new dimension and new narrative of a paradigm shift has occurred in our evolution with a new order in the interests of succeeding generations, an order that will restore our lost glory and re-integrate us into the mainstream of governance, an order whose template will implement the transformation from traditional to a modern Benue. It is clear that Benue will no longer survive another four years of misrule