On Titus Zam’s proposed strategies to curb insecurity in Benue state


Aare De Oracle writes for Nigerian Concord

Having read the five points agenda of Hon. Titus Zam, an APC governoship aspirant in Benue, I think he should be lauded rather than being misquoted especially in the area where he expansively spoke on insecurity.

Going by the way he says he wants to curb insecurity which has caused a major setback for the State, one can easily see that there will be no room to be paying the money meant for the payment of workers salaries to another Gana or Tershaku again.

Everything which Zam said on insecurity in his five points agenda has shown to me that he truly knows how to curb this menace strategically without wasting public funds on another Gana or Tershaku.

To me, this aspirant is well informed on what any reasonable governor will do to make indegenes and non indegenes live harmoniously without any reason to carry guns or daggers to kill one another.

Frankly, I think Governor Ortom just lost this man called Zam who would have assisted him on the strategies required to stop Insecurity and everyday killings in Benue by:

1. Not trusting him enough

2. Sacking him untimely just for cheap and baseless political differences with Senatorial Akume.

I don’t blame the man if he now says he wants to contest against his former boss since it is obvious that he has several things with which he can deliver the state from slavery. And perhaps his former boss doesn’t have those things upstairs.

Aare De Oracle writes and will bring more on Zam’s five points agenda