Titus Zam exonerates self from sack of LG workers

Titus Zam

Titus Zam

Nigerian Concord Newspaper

The immediate past head of the Benue state Bureau for Local Governments and gubernatorial aspirant of the APC in the state, Titus Zam, has absolved himsekf from the complicity in the mass sack of local government workers under his tenure.

Speaking in a media note signed by his media assistant, Mr. Terungwa Nteez Nunde, the former adviser said that there was no way Local Government staff would have been sacked without the state government inaugurating a committee, adding that the committee is often set up by the governor and not an Adviser.

The statement also stated that there are public service rules that provide laid down rules on how workers are sacked, stating that such rules are never the creation of an Adviser.

According to the statement, there was no way local government staff would have been sacked without a signed Executive Order by the governor for the sack to be carried out.

It also noted that until such an Executive Order is signed by the governor because there is no way administrators of the local government councils can effect the sack without such an Order.

The statement reads in parts: “It is unfair, selfish and ignorant for anyone to suggest that Chief Titus Zam was responsible for the sacked local government staff who were alleged to be ghost workers or illegitimate employees. The Benue State Executive Council took the decision after deliberating extensively on submitted reports and recommendations of the various committees set up by the governor which Chief Titus Zam never headed any.

“Even after the exit of Chief Titus Zam from the office of the Bureau, similar attempt was made, who then should we hold responsible?

“Let us not try to vilify someone based on our mere perception but deep analysis. Why was a desk to reinstate staff who were unjustly removed from the pay roll not created in the Bureau, if we think it was done under the watch of Chief Zam?

“Chief Zam has made public details of bailout and Paris club refund disbursements. No one has ever come out to discredit or dispute that report. His former principal has repeatedly absolve him of any irregularity in the disbursement, insisting no dime was missing.

“It is not only wicked but outright evil to suggest that Zam, an ordinary adviser was so powerful to have carried out some of these tales of anomalies labeled on him. The horse is only pricked when it refuses to move, let’s clearly make statement of the problem, if we actually mean to solve it. Chief Zam was never the problem to be identified.

“Chief Zam was only a victim of circumstances, being an Adviser in an office erroneously considered too powerful than that of his boss in the firing of staff. This narrative is not only false but unverifiable as the procedure for such a huge task is upheld without compromise.

“We must dwell on issues and desist from blame game, if we are ready for good governance which is anchored on transparency, accountability and the fear of God”


Titus Zam