Governor Samuel Ortom, you can’t continue to count dead bodies as achievements by Bede Juliet


By Bede Juliet

It is unfortunate that Governor Samuel Ortom has been using the many Benue lives he conspired with Tashaku to kill as instrument of campaign.

When serious people are campaigning for second tenure on the strength of their achievements, Ortom is only counting the dead bodies of those he conspired with Tashaku, his SSA to kill as his achievements under the guise of enacting the anti Open grazing law.

Of course we know that for someone who is desperate, Ortom will sponsor any willing journalist like he has used Peter Duru to deceive Benue people that he is being denied the APC ticket to run for a second tenure based on the anti Open grazing law… Only the dumb will believe such stories.

Is it only in Benue that there are killings? How about Plateau state? Despite the killings in Plateau, the Governor is still able to pay salaries uptill date and execute other legacy projects.

Another reason why you will agree with me that the killing is not about the law is the fact that Ekiti state also enacted the same law but there are no killings there as is the case in Benue.

The government of Samuel Ortom has failed to protect the people of Benue State and has been using the Fulani Herdsmen and Farmers’ clash as a cover up. We are all aware that not all the 73 caskets that were buried actually had dead bodies in them.

Again, we cannot pretend not to know those who killed the two priests and their parishioners in Mbalom. The truth of the matter is that Fr Joseph Gor (one of the slained priest) had preached at the funeral of Ortom’s Senior Special Assistant on Protocol, Denis Uchin Jande on 17th Feb, 2018 at Mbalom in Gwer Local Government Area of Benue State. In a soul piercing message, Rev Fr. Gor reminded Ortom of his mandate to the people, stating that the Governor has disappointed the masses who voted for him by owing them several months salaries and pension.
It was after the funeral that one of Ortom’s aide in charge of the livestock guard organised the gruesome murder of the said priest and other unfortunate persons. This position was confirmed by Godwin Nev (Police Prosecutor) who told a Magistrate Court in Makurdi that the Ex Boko Haram member who doubles as a Livestock Commandant in Benue State and SSA to the Governor, Alhaji Aliyu Tashaku had on the 25th of April conspired with five (arraigned) others to kill Fr. Joseph Gor for daring to speak against the administration of his boss.

The allocation from FAAC since 2015 is in billions. Yet, workers are not paid; state civil servants are owed 6 months and have been asked to forget about it and start counting from 2018 (Governor Ortom has criminally skipped 6 months and started a new leaf), pensioners 14 months, Teachers 11 months, Local Government staff 10 months and no one knows when these arrears will be paid.

The number of people that have died as a result of SALARY HERDSMEN is more than those of fulani herdsmen. Thank God for the statement Adams Oshomole made about Governors who are owing salaries but expanding their farms, let them go and contest under SDP, APC is not for primitive thieves.

Juliet Bede, a social media analyst, writes from Makurdi