Baraje: nPDP will quit APC if Buhari calls our bluff


By Idemudia David

The leader of the nPDP, Alhaji Kawu Baraje, has threatened that the group which is made up of former PDP governors, ministers and federal legislators who defected to APC during a rancour which took place during the reigns of former president Goodluck Jonathan will quit the ruling party if President Muhhamadu Buhari calls their bluff.

The Kawu Baraje-led defunct nPDP said negotiations will only commence if they are assured of an environment devoid of fear and intimidation.

The National Chairman of the defunct nPDP made this known when he appeared on a political programme on Television Continental in Abuja on Saturday.

Baraje said that members of his group were still interested in going back for peace talks because their interest in the health of the APC was the reason behind the letter they wrote to the party.

He said, “We are ready to go back for peace talks. If we were not ready, we wouldn’t have raised that letter. For us to go back, the environment must be

“Anytime the environment returns to normal, we are ready to go back but the earlier the better because the party really does not have the luxury of time if it wants to win the 2019 elections.

On what his group would do if the APC leadership calls its bluff, Baraje said, “If they call our bluff, we will go back and take a decision.

“Baraje is just providing leadership for the group . Let the APC call our bluff first then we will go back to the people who sent us and they will take a

“If you represent a group and the interest of that group is not being taken care of , you would have to look for a place where you will be catered for.

“Every individual has aspirations; if your aspiration will not be taken care of in a particular space , you have to change base.