Benue people curse Ortom for sharing family photo at Easter


Nigerian Concord Newspaper

As a way of showing their hatred for Governor Samuel Ortom as well as their displeasure over the way civil servants are being poorly treated by his administration, the people of Benue state yesterday rain curses on their governor who shared a photo of himself and his grand children to celebrate Easter.

The photo which was captioned: “Early today with some of my grand children as we celebrate Easter Sunday” was shared on Facebook and other social media by Governor Samuel Ortom.

Benue social media activists who commented on the said photo which was shared on Facebook by Ortom at exactly 10:30PM on Sunday night said that God will punish the governor and his entire generation for the plagues which they said he had made Benue people pass through.

One of them said: “I dropped out of medical school because of your refusal to pay worker’s salary accordingly. You are a devil unleashing evil in Benue, punishment awaits you for the various deaths you caused on civil servants and other plights their families passed through.

“Our tears/cries and the blood of Benuelites will never go in vain”

Another person that made comments on the photo said: “You celebrated with your kids, that’s good. Please can you do something about pensioners that have not been paid for over 16 months now? The state government owe my dad that much so kindly do something about it,please”

Another commentator said: “Wheelbarrow empowerment is also part of his achievement so far. He has successfully diverted your attention with herdsmen hence nobody ask about welfare. I think that’s the only achievement he’ll have to offer Benue people in his entire tenure”

Some others that made comments on the photo wondered why the governor was happy to share the photo in which he celebrated Easter with his grand children instead of the people that have been displaced at various IDPs camps in the state as a result of what they called his failure to provide security for the people of Benue stay.